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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  March 27, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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interrupted. an elderly man is hospitalized after a bomb --hidden in his morning
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newspaper-- explodes. good evening. a quiet sunday ritual is interrupted. an elderly man in the hospital after his newspaper explodes. it happened in the north brown valley area. we're in the neighborhood where law enforcement spent the day searching for more explosives. >> reporter: residents are back in their home where is they were evacuated from earlier today. the investigation will likely continue into the night. >> about 10:30 this morning we heard a big noise. at first i thought it was one of the construction trucks that come by this road frequently. >> reporter: he said the explosion was really big. >> it was really big. it wasn't a firecracker. it was a bomb. >> enough to rattle dishes kind of thing? >> it rattled our house. it shook several times.
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>> wheeler said a boy came to his door and said a man had been injured by a bomb as he picked up his newspaper. people went door to door warning people not to pick up their paper. the man lost fingers and was airlifted to a nearby hospital. we have on the scene right now in vacaville the travis airport bomb squad. the fire and tobacco folks are here as well. bomb sniffing dogs and apparatuses as well. >> reporter: rumors spread quickly that bombs made of two litter soda bottles full of
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acid. but that was corrected. >> we got reports of things that looked suspicious, but we have not located any devices at this point. another question about acid type bombs, it's not an acid type bomb. we don't know what type of device. >> reporter: police can't say whether the victim was targeted or whether it was a random act or what the motive may be. but they're confident there are no other devices. capitola has declared an emergency. water several feet deep gushed from a broken pipe that rushed through stores. it left a huge mess. >> reporter: the sound of industrial vac couples replaces the sound of rushing water heard here idea when capitola's
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second flood in three days rushed through turning streets into rivers. the water came from an underground culvert at the bottom of this hole created when the pipe blew on thursday. >> it's a sad situation. >> reporter: this man lived across these homes all yellow or red tagged. this pile of rubble used to be one of them. ma were vacation homes, but many housed elderly people. >> the red cross is going to help them for two weeks but what do they do after that. >> reporter: businesses are cleaning up. >> we're packing it up and moving out. cutting up rugs, everything has to be out of here. >> reporter: it's impossible to know how much damage was done here, but the city of capitola is trying to get aid. >> i'm feeling frustrated today. >> reporter: this man owns this business and says everything is contaminated. >> i think there should be a
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recall of every capitola official. our business is ruined. we will never re-establish business this capitola. >> reporter: the city was overrun with the rains last week. >> if you stop doing maintenance on steel pipes that have been rusting for 40 years and don't replace them, you're going to have what you're looking at right now. >> i'm not angry in the least bit. >> even though she'll have to close our art gallery for at least a month. >> they didn't control all of that water. and the aftermath has resulted in a state of emergency in san pablo. several muddy homes are slipping and some residents are moving out. three homes have been yellow tagged, limiting access. the city is attempting to help save the homes, but even those efforts have caused problems. >> the city cut down four trees
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in the back. one tree missed the house by an inch, and they don't have clearance to move back into the home yet because the house in the back may fall down on top of this house. >> there used to be a patio behind this house. now it's only mud. the 1st period has cut off the gas to the homes as a precaution. debris on the tracks at -- canyon halted on thursday. passengers were taken by bus around it. the trains will begin service in time for the morning commute. a massive power outage knocked out power to customer this is morning. homes and businesses lost power about 1:30. pg&e is looking into the source of the problem. two-thirds of the impacted area is back online. other bay area headlines,
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an early morning shooting killed a richmond man. the 23-year-old was shot several times on jesse street. a second man is wound and recovering. no word on suspects or a motive. and barry bonds perjury trial continues tomorrow. he's accused of lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he testified to never knowing he did steroids. his former girlfriend is listed and the trial is expected to last a month. thousands of dedicated fans poured into downtown san francisco today to see a pop star for free. thousands poured in to see britney spears. a long line didn't seem to damper their spirit. they waited for years to see the pop star live. >> i love britney spears. i'm so excited she's in san francisco. >> i've never seen her either.
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i'm so excited about it. >> we love britney. >> spears performed three songs from her latest album. ticketsticketstickets for the free concert were gone in 14:00. rare chance to save money by spending now, why bay area shoppers will have to pay more this week when they take a trip to the mall. home sales still flat, but there's buyers from an unsuspected sector. they're snapping up properties. the weather center, the rain is falling again in the bay area, but we've got promise of sunshine and maybe some 70s coming our way. we'll tell you when coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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soon. the sales tax is going up in the you've got any big ticket items on your shopping list, you may want to get it soon. the sales tax is going up next friday. voters approved a tax hike of a half percent in several areas. the biggest hikes are in union
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city where the sales tax jumped to 10.25 percent. concord rises to 9.75%. an interesting trend to help prop up the housing market. more than half of february home sales were all cash or absentee buyers. it's the highest those numbers have been in over 20 years, but analysts say they reflect people looking for investments, not homes to live in. the stressed properties, including foreclosures and short sales accounted for over half of the resale market last month. a couple of other economic notes. the number of people in san francisco working at technology companies are nearing the day
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of the dot come explosion. and from working to play, more people are visiting san francisco. tourism rebounded last year, according to the travel industry. it hasn't reached the levels of 2008, but it's improving. nearly 16 million people visited san francisco last year, spending nearly $8 billion. and this was the perfect cure for cabin fever. thousands of people took part in the annual running festival. some people took part of the half marathon to wind their way through the city's neighborhoods. some tried the 5a and the best part, the event was not washed out by rain. lawrence says we're not completely in the clear get. also, sweet scents of spring. ,,,,,,,,,,
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ith macy's well, it looks like the endless march showers have brought us march flowers. the surest sign of spring, the macies flower show. the theme the powers of flowers. it runs through april 10th. i have a camelia plant that has no flowers on it. people were saying enough is enough. >> but they were smiling at you
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today. >> yeah, and more sunshine. we're going to see those temperatures popping up in the 70s as we head toward the middle of the week. but before that, we have some dirty work. light showers showing up around the bay area now. the doppler is picking up on some of that. you can see the heavy amounts in the north bay. it's not much, though. the most will be a tenth to a quarter of an inch. showers continuing in so mesothelioma and napa. the farther you go, the more it's falling apart. few left in san francisco and some in san jose. some are banking up against the mountain tops there. that's about it. what a season it's been. check out the rain totals, almost 37 inches of rain in
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santa rosa. 125% of normal. 126% of normal in oakland. if we don't get another drop, we're going to end up well above the average. with that in mind, looks like things settling down for the rains. high pressure is going to try to sneak into the bay area. the high country, if you want to get up there and do a little skiing, it's looking good. there's a lot of sunshine. spring skiing conditions as we head toward the middle of the week. temperatures up near 60 degrees this. one temperature is sneaking over the top of the ridge before it can build in, so tonight we have some showers, but they will be ending overnight. so tomorrow we're looking at a dry day all over the ridge and it's starting to fill in as we head to the middle of the week. so tonight, chances of light showers and then starting to diminish, becoming widely
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scattered after midnight and by your commute tomorrow morning, looking dry outside. as we head to tomorrow afternoon, the sky is going to part and something we haven't seen in a while, the sunshine. looks like it's going to stick around for the better part of the week. so we've got some good weather coming and weekend use it because of all the mudslides in the area. we're going to get it. about 62 in midmore and 62 in vallejo. here comes that ridge of high pressure. temperatures soaring into the 70s. wouldn't be surprised if we saw an 80-degree temperature in the bay area. then a few chance of showers. that's a look at the weather. here's a look at sports. one blue blood is in, either north carolina or kentucky. and little vcu looks for the biggest upset to date. ,,,,
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ing 4 games to r there's a lot of crow eaten around the country after vcu proved its worthiness, getting into the tournament by winning four games to reach the elite 8. a great run, but no way they beat the no. 1 seed kansas; right? >> we go after them and lock them up and today we're punching our ticket to the final four. >> reporter: shaka smart has
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pushed all the buttons for his rams. they hit 12 shots in the 1st half. nine of them were threes. they led at the half. then the steal ahead to taylor for the jam. kansas on a 12-0 run. smart wanted a foul. instead he's called for a technical. kansas pulls within two. but the rams don't go away. skeen had 26 and the lead is back to six. then rodriguez penetrates and finds bradford burgess for the lay-in. the 11th seed virginia commonwealth university beats kansas. >> reporter: last year when you one the cbi, did you have the net around your net then? >> no. i don't think we cut down the nets at the cbi, but the guys dumped a bunch of gatorade on me. so it feels good to have a dry shirt on right now.
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ever seen the movie major league? i can't say exactly what the guy says and they get in a situation and he says there's only one thing left do, win the whole blank thing. and that's all that's left to do. jones with the block at one end. he finishes the break with the and-one. carolina has a fantastic freshman as well. harrison barnes, reverse lay- in. 18 for barnes. then, another kentucky freshman. brandon knight, three ball. wildcats back up there. then a long pass. strickland can't finish, but zeller is there for the followup. tarheels down one. then liggins is in the corner. he knocks down the three. kentucky is headed to houston and the final four knocking off
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carolina 76-59. the road to the final four is ahead for the womens. nnemkadi ogwumike and chiney ogwumike combined for 32 points. they play gonzaga for a trip to indianapolis. hopefully by then the national media will learn how to say the sisters' name correctly. >> ogwumike. a lot of times, i think it's funny, my parents get phone calls, oh, my gosh, i didn't know that was you because i couldn't understand what they were saying. >> ogwumike. >> i heard that last night. someone mispronounced our names pretty bad on espn. >> reporter: no. 1 connecticut in a battle. 5th seeded georgetown takes it
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to the huskyies. it's a three and a foul. uconn trailed by 7 midway through the 2nd half, but they go on a 16-2 run. dixon for the three. connecticut survived. then the cactus league schedules wrapped up today. they continue the bay ridge series tomorrow. nascar, final lap, jimmie johnson trying to hold off kevin harvick at his hometown in carolina. but harvic is able to get enough space on the outside to pass johnson and win the sprint to the finish line. it was the only lap harvic led all afternoon, but it was all he needed for his first win of the year. indy car season kicks off in st. petersburg. lap one, turn one, we've got trouble. a multicar pileup involving
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marco andretti. he was uninjured. same could not be said for his car. grandpa mario not pleased. pga, one new fan finding a new way to get around the course another bay hill. he misses this putt, a double bogey drops him off the pace. mark laird retakes the lead after melting down early, with this birdie at 16. shooting a final 75, laird beat marineno by one stroke. okay, coming up on the, the vice president of -- will be on the show and he's got a sneak peek on what the rings will look like. >> you were having a good time. >> yes, he said nobody should have that much fun in an
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interview. he's one of us. >> well, she's been missing from a cruise ship for nearly a week. a workers' parents told people what she did just before she was discovered missing. plus, a new warning by doctors about using facebook. we'll explain what facebook is to lauren. >> we'll make you a friend. >> that's it for eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next and we'll see you at 11:00. >> good-night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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